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Concord's mission is "Preparing students with learning differences for lifelong success", and the Transition program is a large part of that.  We believe that learning to practice professionalism is a vital piece of our students' development toward readiness for life after Concord.  

In January, 2023, we implemented a program in our high school Transition classes to help students learn to understand and display professionalism at school.

This year, we are including it in our middle school Life Skills classes, as well. Click below to see the presentation that was made to each class.

Why Grade Professionalism?

There is a difference between being A professional and behaving in a  professional manner.  We want to help our students develop personal professionalism, which is not just about knowledge but about attitudes, values, and conduct.  We intend to guide them through the process of learning that the way they carry themselves is a representation of who they are and what they are capable of.  Our goal is to help students be more self-aware and self-managing so that they may gracefully handle any situation they encounter at school and beyond.

Student Contract

Students received a condensed list of our eight categories of Professionalism and their descriptions after the presentation and discussion.  They then signed our contract stating that they understand our expectations and how they will be graded on Professionalism in Transition/Life Skills class.

Eventually, we will expand this program to be graded in all classes.

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